5000 Free Beers

Free beer anyone? Yep, you heard right – Melbourne’s Stomping Ground Brewing Co. is offering 5000 free beers to get Melburnians back in the pubs from June 1 and enjoy a long-awaited bevvy in a pub with mates.

The campaign called Stomping Ground 5K will see up to 50 top venues in Melbourne including Neighbourhood Wine, Old Palm Liquor, Mt Erica Hotel, and Bar Romantica offer a Stomping Ground Beer on the house.

Stomping Ground Pale Ale On-Tap

A local favourite, The Marquis of Lorne hotel in Fitzroy is one of the participating venues and can’t wait to open their door and pull that first beer for their guests. Owner Will Benjamin said, “It’s been a really challenging time for all pubs and bars throughout Australia, and we couldn’t be more excited to be opening our doors again on Monday, June 1. When we heard that Stomping Ground was keen to work with us to shout 5,000 Melburnians their first beer, we jumped on board to be part of it, to thank all our loyal customers who have supported us over the last weeks. That first beer on Monday is going to be one to remember!”

Guy Greenstone, co-founder of Stomping Ground Brewing Co said, “Melbourne’s hospitality industry is an integral part of what makes our city one of the best places to live in the world. We know how much the industry is struggling right now, but also how much Melburnians are looking forward to that very first beer back at the pub. So, we wanted to facilitate this by shouting 5,000 Melburnians their first drink and supporting 50 of the best pubs and bars in Melbourne to get back up and running. I know that first sip will be one I will savour for a long time.”

To get your free Stomping Ground beer, Melbourne residents need to register their details at www.stompingground.beer and will be contacted before June 1 to claim your free beer.

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