A Collection Of Whisky For Everyone, But Not Everyone Can Get Their Hands On Them

Ten limited-edition Scotch Whiskies will be released in April this year as part of Diageo’s2019 Special Release Collection’. Just to make these bottles even more exclusive, the whiskies will only be distributed in limited quantities.

The ‘Special Releases Collection’ has a range of hand-selected whiskies from distilleries of all types; from distinguished, lesser known and even closed distilleries. Giving each bottle an aspect of being both unique and rare.

“Many of the releases within the collection are extremely rare and some are from ‘ghost’ distilleries, making this one of the few chances for both knowledgeable whisky fans and those wanting to explore the flavours of Scotch to own and discover an exceptional collection” said Simon McGoram, the National Whisky Ambassador for Diageo.

Diageo Special Releases Collection – Simon McGoram

He also said, “We’ve seen the demand for rare and unique Single Malt Scotch Whisky bottlings increase exponentially over the past decade which is why we’re so excited about making this range accessible to everyone. The collection is priced to suit a variety of budgets, so there really is a whisky for all to savour, invest in, collect or gift.

The Diageo Special Releases Collection is available for purchase in Whisky Specialist venues and stores from April, pending availability.

See below for a full list of offerings from the 2019 Diageo Special Releases Collection.

Caol Ila Unpeated 15 year old
Islay, 59.1%: Deep gold: mild nose, with the fruity sharpness of green apples and orange zest. Dense, firm and mild at first with a sweet, minty – salty taste, then a freezing heat and a long and warming finish.

RRP: AUD$180

Caol Ila 35 year old
Islay, 58.1%: Antique gold colour, floral and fruity on a fresh-clean, smoky base. Cooling and fluid, with a smooth texture. Starts sweetly and soon dries, with a rising peaty pungency and a spicy-sweet finish.

RRP: AUD$1,250

Carsebridge 48 year old
Lowlands, 43.2%: A deep gold colour with the delicate, light and balanced nose of a very old grain, then a rich texture, voluptuous mouthfeel and a big, soft, sweet, then gently spicy taste. Long finish.

RRP: AUD$1,350

Coastal, 57.1%: Full gold, with a series of coastal aromas that a dash of water brings together superbly; the palate and finish are equally flawless. A whisky that is the very essence of a coastal malt.

RRP: AUD$250

Inchgower 27 year old
Speyside, 55.3%: Full yellow gold, a complex and surprising malt from a little known yet historic distillery that has retained the distillery character well; nutty and spicy, it is vivacious for its twenty-seven years.

RRP: AUD$500

Lagavulin 12 year old
Islay, 57.8%: A vast palette of aromas and flavours awaits, wherever you look on the nose and the palate. Sweet, oily, and salty, then vinegar-dry and drying.

RRP: AUD$180

Oban 21 year old
Highlands, 57.9%: Dramatic, brooding and compressed, the nose spans a whole range of senses as it shows malt, fruit, oak, peat and sea- air. The taste is intense and sweet, with some saltiness.

RRP: AUD$825

Pittyvaich 28 year old
Speyside, 52.1%: It takes time to appreciate the full impact of this appetisingly pithy, charred, occasionally sweet Pittyvaich, which is at one and the same time straightforward, yet also full- flavoured and forceful, with

a long finish and a late, drying, bracing quality.

RRP: AUD$500

The Singleton Glen Ord 14 year old
Highlands, 57.6%: A classic The Singleton Glen Ord with heightened signature aromas of baked apple and sweet orange fruit, beeswax and spice. Smooth and sumptuous too, on a palate rich in mature fruit notes.

RRP: AUD$180

Talisker 8 year old
Island, 59.4%: Detailed at natural strength, this fine Talisker is smooth, lengthy, integrated and precisely balanced throughout, with a sweet and youthful assuredness.

RRP: AUD$130

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