Angostura launches 1787 – Premium Rum

John Georges, Angostura Master Distiller

The team at Angostura, led by Master Distiller, John Georges, and Master Blender, Carol Homer-Caesar, are well known for not only an excellent array of fine rums, notably ‘1919’ and ‘1824’, but for their innovation. Some are glitzy one-offs, like the twenty silver and crystal decanters of ‘Legacy’, a blend of seven very special rums that went for a lazy 25K each (the Aussie allocation was a single decanter), and the single bottle of ‘The Infinity’, blended from eight rums, and auctioned for over US$100,000, proceeds going to a charity assisting handicapped children. 

More relevant to your average rum lover are new rums like their fabulous Cask Collection series, small runs (normally 10,000 to 16,000 bottles) of which are released irregularly – they have had three so far.

And now we have a new addition to the core range, ‘1787’. 

Why ‘1787’? 1787 commemorates the year that the first sugar mill in Trinidad was established, at the famous Lapeyrouse sugar plantation. 

This is a blend of rums aged by Angostura for a minimum of 15 years, a rum aimed at the ultra-premium sector of the market. A rum which is definitely for sipping. They have some 80,000 barrels from which they can select the candidates for the final blending. 

Offers a lovely rich profile with stonefruit, dried fruits, raisins, butterscotch, tropical fruit notes, vanillin touches. Some oak is noticeable. Nicely balanced and with fine length. There is nougat and a touch of honey. A rum for those who like the full, rich styles with some sweetness. 

Rums like ‘Infinity’ and ‘Legacy’ may be beyond us mere mortals, but the new ‘1787’, at around A$150, is not, although not really for everyday drinking either. Perfect for special occasions. 

Finally, worth noting that Master Blender, Carol Homer-Caesar likes to drink it with high-quality dark chocolate, rated 75%. Hard to argue.

Words: Ken Gargett

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