Archie Rose Hand Sanitiser

A month or two ago, if someone told you a distiller was going to produce hand sanitiser as an auxiliary business to their normal production of spirits, you would have thought it a bit of a headscratcher. If I added that the first run was 4,500 bottles and they were selling at twenty bucks a pop, you might think that they’d still be sitting on that stock in a few years.

How things have changed since the world found itself in the grip of the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

That first run of Archie Rose Hand Sanitiser made available only in a limited offering to their clients, maximum six 500ml bottles, sold out within an hour. And there is already a waiting list for the next release. 

The sanitiser is available to both individuals and businesses. The formula for the production of it is in accord with the World Health Organisation guidelines, and it also features Archie Rose’s grapefruit, cassia, cardamom and thyme botanical distillates from its gin production (allow me to digress to say that if you have not tried their delightful Signature Dry Gin then you are missing out).  

As well as providing an essential product to help fight this virus, it is hoped that production will also assist the company in maintaining employment for its hospitality team. The closure of so many hospitality outlets is naturally making things very difficult for distillers like Archie Rose. As Archie Rose founder, Will Edwards, has said, they are in a “unique position to manufacture this essential product, leading to the tough but clear decision to divert our spirits capacity to manufacture hand sanitiser.”

Supporting this initiative will not only assist the company but will help you maintain your health. All of which seems rather worthwhile. 

Those interested can go to, while businesses should email

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