Archie Rose x Horisumi Limited Edition Gin Release

Archie Rose Distilling Co. has teamed up with acclaimed tattoo artist Kian Formal, aka Shodai Horisumi, to launch a series of four rare gins that celebrate the Japanese seasons.

Tattoo artist Kian Formal and Archie Rose founder Will Edwards

The collectable bottles will be wrapped in labels that showcase Formal’s distinct Japanese style. Complementing the labels, Japanese flavours will be infused into the Australian distillery’s bespoke gins.

Will Edwards, Founder of Archie Rose, says the collaboration puts a unique spin on the distillery’s usual production process.

“This collaboration is very unique and one which challenges our typical product development process. We were presented with an opportunity to create a spirit from a totally different perspective whereby Horisumi’s artwork, its symbolism and the Japanese seasons lead the spirit,” said Edwards.

“Usually it’s all about the botanicals and production processes, with the packaging developed to complement the spirit, so to flip that process on its head and have Horisumi’s illustrations lead the production was really exciting.”

First to be released in the range is Horisumi Autumn, with the initial 200 bottles of Horisumi Autumn adorned in a traditional Japanese furoshiki wrap, featuring individual bottle numbers and Autumn kanji writing. The gin itself will is a spice-driven spirit, with the juniper playing a supporting role to flavours of red miso, sesame seeds and Sancho pepper.

Archie Rose Horisumi Autumn

Look out for Archie Rose Horisumi Autumn, available from Wednesday March 1, 2017 at Archie Rose Distilling Co. and online for RRP: $99.

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