Aston Martin And Peroni Announce Partnership

Peroni’s Libera zero ABV beer has announced a partnership with Formula One Team, Aston Martin Cognizant to celebrate the global launch of the alcohol free beer. The significant step into the luxury world of Formula One signals Asahi’s intent with their heavy weight Peroni brand and their commitment to this growing segment.

Peroni brand’s parent company, Asahi Europe & International, have stated their intent to have 20% share of their portfolio dedicated to non-alcoholic products by 2030.

Foremost in the race to zero alcohol success is the flavour and taste profile , and Peroni claims that their “Italian passion and flair, delivers a crisp and refreshing beer with 0.0% alcohol content”. This, apparently, is delivered through a unique recipe with signature Italian Nostrano dell’Isola Maize, produced and bottled in Italy.

Don’t take our word for it. It’s widely available now, so no need to wait for The Australian GP.

The hard working team at Explore DRINKS will be fast testing zero ABV beers, doing the heavy lifting. Keep an eye open for the results this Easter.

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