Crown Royal Maple Finished Canadian Whisky

North America’s best selling whisky brand has made its way into Australia. Crown Royal Maple Flavoured Whisky is now retailing exclusively in Dan Murphy’s alongside brothers of the range currently the original Crown Royal Canadian Whisky, as well as the De Luxe, Black, Reserve and XR. Crown Royal Maple Flavoured Whisky has immediately evident sweet maple syrup, vanilla…

James Squire Limited Edition Red Handed

James Squire Brewhouses around Australia are once again pouring something a little different, with a new flavoursome take on a traditional Red Ale-style beer. Created by the talented team of brewers at the Malt Shovel Brewery in Camperdown, James Squire Red Handed Red Ale is a hearty seasonal brew, ideal for the cooler months of the…

Buderim Ginger Beer + Pear

Buderim Ginger, has released three new flavours to join its Aussie made Ginger Beer range – Reduced Sugar Ginger Beer, Ginger Beer & Pear and Ginger Beer & Guarana. Ginger Beer & Pear is gluten free and combines Buderim Ginger’s famous ginger with the zestiness of pear. Our second favourite addition to the range is the…

Devil’s Lair 9th Chamber Cabernet Sauvignon

Devil’s Lair newest releases for 2015, marks the brand’s first release of a 9th Chamber Cabernet Sauvignon. The Sauvignon is a noteworthy milestone for the Devil’s Lair team and joins 2012 Devil’s Lair Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon; 2013 Dance with the Devil Cabernet Sauvignon; and 2013 The Hidden Cave Cabernet Shiraz as the newest addition to…

Bundaberg Blenders Edition 2015

The Blenders Edition 2015, the most recent in Bundaberg’s annual series, is a complex yet sweet rum, finished in port and sherry barrels, delivering a long and exceptionally smooth finish. The delicious blend is layered with hints of raisins, vanilla and spice and is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks. The rum features a…

Cross Continental Crafting at Nomad Brewing Company

  A nomad is defined as a member of a community of people that moves from one place to another. It’s also a fitting name for a brewery formed by a group of business partners who are proud nomads in the worldwide craft beer community.

Divided Opinions on Whisky Brand Calls on You to Find Answer

  To celebrate its 200th birthday, Laphroaig distillery has launched a global campaign entitled “200 Opinions Wanted”, offering consumers a chance to win a trip to its birthplace, Islay, if they offer their opinion of the Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

Chris Willcock of 4 Pines

  Chris Willcock: The Saviour of Manly The story of 4 Pines chief brewer Chris Willcock is surely one of science meets art – the art of brewing and all its subtlety and imaginative variations.

explore Mother’s Day Gift Guide

  If you happen to be anything like us, this mother’s day a mimosa simply won’t cut it. Lending a slightly liquor-led hand, we’ve gathered a few options to help repay mum for her eternal love with the thing we love second most: booze.