Beer Cocktails, Anyone?

Summer has come to an end, but we’re holding on! What drink epitomises the long warm days better than a nice cold beer? Well Dan Murphy’s has given your favourite bevvie a twist for an endless Summer moment.

Here are four easy and delicious beer cocktails you can make at home.

Endless Byron Summer

Crisp citrus with a tropical twist and refreshing finish!

beer cocktails

Highball glass

150mls XXXX Summer Bright Lager
30mls Vodka
½ Lime juice
60ml Coconut Water
15mls Agave Nectar
Lime Husk to garnish

Squeeze the lime into a highball glass, add Vodka, coconut water and agave nectar and fill all the way to the top with ice.
Add XXXX Bright Summer Lager, stir and garnish.

Tropical Gold

Vibrant tropical fruit tones with hints of citrus and dry finish.

beer cocktails

Highball glass

150mls XXXX Gold Beer
30mls Spiced Rum (Recommend using Gold Spiced Rum)
½ lime juice
½ fresh passionfruit
15mls Sugar syrup
Remaining ½ passionfruit for garnish.

Cut a passionfruit in half and empty one of the shells in the highball glass.
Squeeze in half a lime.
Add spiced rum, sugar syrup and fill the glass all the way to the top with ice.
Add XXXX Gold Lager, stir and garnish.

La Rambla

Citrusy with light spice and a dry garnish.

beer cocktails

Wine glass

150mls Hahn 3.5 Super dry
30mls Triple Sec Liqueur
1 squeezed lemon wedge
½ Fresh Orange Juice
15mls Sugar Syrup
30mls Dry Ginger Ale
Basil sprig for garnish

Squeeze lemon wedge into a wine glass.
Add juice from half an orange.
Add in triple sec liqueur, dry ginger ale, sugar and fill wine glass with ice.
Top up with Hahn 3.5 Super Dry Lager, stir and garnish.

Cubano Tropico

Sweet tropical fruit with a crisp finish.

beer cocktails


150mls Toohey’s Extra Dry lager
30mls White Rum
½ lime juice
4 pineapple chunks
15mls Agave nectar
Cracked pepper for garnish

Muddle 4 pineapple chunks in a highball glass, squeeze in juice from half a lime.
Add white rum and agave nectar and fill all the way to the top with ice.
Add in Toohey’s Extra Dry, stir and garnish.

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