Brancott Estate & Benjamin Craven’s Limited Edition Bottles


Every liquor brand understands the importance of presence when their bottle is standing behind the bar or in a bottle shop, amongst their competition.

Creating a label that simultaneously, catches the buyer’s eye and represents the brand/liquor, can sometimes be the defining factor as to why someone purchases your bottle.

Which is why we are seeing some big brands partnering with designers and artists more and more often.

Most recently, Brancott Estate has partnered with an emerging UK designer, Benjamin Craven, to design four limited edition labels for its Brancott Estate Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2018.

Benjamin Craven & Brancott Estate Limited Edition bottles

Benjamin has drawn his inspiration from the picturesque landscape of the Marlborough region. From the vineyards to the clear blue skies, dissecting the original labels and adding his own on artistic spin.

Regarding his designs, Benjamin said, “I wanted to bring the Brancott Estate personality to life with vibrant colours and my contemporary style, using distinctive geometric shapes.”

He was also able to reflect each wine’s characteristics within the design, using the colours and essence of grapefruit, melon and passionfruit.

Patrick Materman, Brancott Estate Chief Winemaker says, “Brancott Estate is known for creating wines that are fresh, vivacious and bursting with flavour. It is exciting to see how Benjamin has interpreted the wine flavours using pinks and yellows, as well as capturing the geometry and contrasting colours of our vineyards in Marlborough, New Zealand. Our wines taste as good as they look.”

Benjamin Craven in his studio with Brancott Estate Limited Edition bottles

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