Can You Put It In Wine?

Riot Wine Co is about to launch its newest addition to their range of wines in a can. Riot Rouge has tasting notes of Turkish delight, bright cherries, black fruit, cinnamon and is silky/dry.

Just like it’s other three variables, Riot Wines are highly sustainable due to its unconventional format. Riot wines are also made with minimal artificial additives and intervention resulting in a fresher, cleaner and easier product. By using stainless steel kegs and aluminium cans, the wine is not negatively affected by light or oxygen, reducing the need for preservatives and limiting wastage.

Co-founder and Riot Wine Co winemaker, Tommy O’Donnell started producing wine in stainless steel kegs at Riot, before introducing wine in a can in March 2017.

“The cans are sealed in an anaerobic environment, where no UV sees the wine until it is poured into a glass,” O’Donnell said, “This means the wine stays at maximum freshness and only a third of the amount of sulphur dioxide is used, compared to bottled wine.”

Riot Wine Co – Wine In A Can

The range also includes the Riot Blanc (2017 Sauvignon Blanc), Riot Rose (2017 Grenache Sangiovese) and Riot Cuvee (2017 Sparkling Chardonnay. The white wines have 12.5% alcohol whereas the red has 14% and each can has approximately 2.5 standard drinks.

Riot wine cans are available in selected independent retailers nationally and online through The Dan Murphy’s Connections and with an RRP of $24.99 for a four-pack or $84.99 for a case of 12 cans.

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