Cherrywood Smoked Baltic Porter Named Champion Australian Craft Beer

Fancy yourself a bit of a craft beer connoisseur? Then do we have a beer for you!

The Dainton Family Brewery’s Cherrywood Smoked Baltic Porter took home the award for Champion Australian Craft Beer at the prestigious Australian Craft Brewers Conference this July and is a must-try for any beer lover.

The beer’s complex flavour is described as tasting ‘like a chocolate cigar’ and was an unexpected winner at this year’s competition.

Dan Dainton, founder and head brewer, said he was delighted with the win.

“We are humbled and excited by the win,” he said. “The award was a huge surprise and we are really thrilled to think we rate alongside our peers in the industry.”

To find out more or purchase this aware winning brew, head on over to the Dainton Family Brewery website.

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