Copper Dog: Capturing The Spirit Of Speyside

Copper Dog is named after a device created in the 18th century by distillery workers to swipe whisky and take home. Made from a piece of copper tubing, it had a penny soldered to one end and a cork in the other. Making it easy to sip and refill, it never left its owner’s side.

The blend is made from eight Speyside single malt whiskies and was founded in 2016 at the Craigellachie Hotel in the heart of Speyside whisky country.

Copper Dog highlights the characteristics of the Speyside region, possessing notes of crisp apple, zesty citrus, dried fruit, vanilla with an aromatic spice.

Bottled at 40% ABV, it’s profile is specially designed to be enjoyed both on its own, mixed or in a cocktail. Making it a highly versatile liquor to have.

Copper Dog Cocktails

Piers Adam is the owner of the Craigellachie Hotel. Which was what inspired him to produce a house blend that celebrated the Speyside region.

“I wanted to bring customers fresh and exciting ways to enjoy whisky. Copper Dog started at the Craigellachie Hotel, but we always aspired to share our Scottish whisky and blend globally” said Adam.

“We can give consumers a glass that they are in control of, however they wish to enjoy it. In the spirit, the diversity of flavours created in Speyside is evident, for me Copper Dog is a true representation of the region.”

Copper Dog joins Diageo’s eclectic portfolio of Scotch whiskies available in the Australian market. Diageo has announced that Copper Dog will be available at selected on-premise venues in Australia and off-premise in July.

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