Cricketers Arms Hit it for Six with New Session Ale

Award-winning brewery, Cricketers Arms has added a Session Ale to the range, a new 3.5% ABV ale that doesn’t compromise on taste.

This refreshing ale is brewed to have the perfect balance of character and consistency, making it a solid addition to the all-star Cricketers Arms range which includes the Keeper’s Lager, Spearhead Pale Ale and Scorcher Summer Ale.

Featuring three types of hops, including Australian flavours of Super Pride, the citrus spin of Cascade and Cricketers Arms’ signature Amarillo hops added late for balance.

Describing the new drop, Hamish McArthur, Cricketers Arms Brewer said, “Session Ale proves that your beer doesn’t need to be high strength to taste good, with an IBU of 26, this refreshing ale is hoppy but not especially bitter, balanced with full malt character from three malts and three hops, including our Cricketers Arms signature Amarillo hops.”

Cricketers Arms session ale

Cricketers Arms Session Ale is now available in a case for $55.00 or six pack for RRP $20.00. For more information check out

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