d’Arenberg Winery’s First Organic & Vegan Wine

The ‘d’Arenberg winery’ in McLaren Vale have released their first wine label that is both vegan-friendly and has full organic certification. The wine is made with biodynamically grown grapes and is a huge step towards environmental sustainability.

Certified from NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia), d’Arenberg winery claimed their wine had been organic since 2016. But had been waiting on approval from NASAA to label the 2018 vintage as organic.

“From 2005, we trialled organic and biodynamic practices in three vineyards for three years, balancing productivity with low impact on the environment,” said Chester Osborn, Chief Winemaker. “The exciting thing is, now we have certification to show that we process our wine under the strictest international standards.”

The first organic wine from d’Arenberg winery to be released is ‘The Money Spider Roussanne’. The robust white wine retails at $20 and can be bought online and at selected retailers.

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