Disaronno Day is Upon Us! Heres How To Do It Right..

Disaronno Day is literally a couple of days away! This Friday (19th April) bartenders, bars and the public, from Auckland to Los Angeles, will celebrate.

The Iconic Italian style liqueur has given numerous bars across the globe an exclusive custom-made drink list for patrons to enjoy.

Created by ‘The Mixing Star’, the worldwide event launch is called ‘The Longest Shift Day’.

From London to Madrid and Athens to Shangai, people around the world will be raising a glass at exactly 7.30pm in every timezone.

The Sydney leg of ‘The Longest Shift Day’ will take place at Manta with the Bar Manager, Michal Horak.

DISARONNO is a liqueur with an original taste and unmistakable aroma made from a secret recipe kept by the Reina family since 1525, and from the expertly balanced mix of carefully selected high- quality ingredients.

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