Drink For A Good Cause During Negroni Week

Mark your calendar as Negroni Week is set to kick off from the Monday 24 June to Sunday 30.

During Negroni Week Rockpool Dining Group’s Melbourne restaurants are taking the classic cocktail to the next level. Bar & Grill, Rosetta Ristorante, Spice Temple and Saké Restaurant & Bar will offer a menu featuring their own version of the Negroni, along with many twists to the aperative. Each restaurant will donate $2 from each cocktail sold during the Week to OzHarvest, which diverts waste food from the hospitality industry to people in need.

Here are the cocktails that will be on offer.

Rockpool Bar & Grill Bar Manager Jamie Gibbs has created a Negroni quartet (each $25)

• Classic Negroni: Four Pillars Bartender gin, Campari, Tenuta Tamburnin vermouth
• Count of Montenegro: Tanqueray, Campari, Amaro Montenegro, chocolate bitters
• Count Black: Tanqueray, Campari, Tenuta Tamburnin vermouth, Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
• Boulevardier: Woodford whiskey, Campari, Tenuta Tamburnin vermouth

Rosetta Ristorante Bar Manager Jacob Dykes’ ode to the Negroni comes in three styles (each $25):

• Classic Negroni: Tanqueray, Tenuta Tamburnin vermouth, Campari
• Coconut Negroni: Tanqueray, Campari, Tenuta Tamburnin vermouth infused with toasted coconut
and washed with coconut oil
• Rose Negroni: Tanqueray, Tenuta Tamburnin vermouth and Aperol infused with rose petals

Spice Temple Bar Manager Conor Whale has created three Negronis (each $25):

• Classic Negroni: Campari, sweet vermouth and Tanqueray
• White Negroni: Tanqueray, Suze, Lillet Blanc
• Bubbly Negroni: Campari, sweet vermouth and Chandon Rockpool Cuvée

Saké Bar Manager Matt Shaw has brought Saké’s signature, super-fusion style to his creations (each $22):

• Classic Negroni: Campari, Tanqueray, Cinzano Rosso
• Chocolate Negroni: Campari, Vok White Crème De Cacao, Roku gin, Cinzano Rosso, orange bitters
• Misogroni: Campari, Choya Kokuto Umeshu, Kirinzan Blue sake
• Old Samurai: Campari, Suntory Chita Whisky, Cinzano Dry, Peychaud’s Bitters
• Megroni: Patrón Reposado, Campari, Aperol, Cinzano Rosso

Rockpool Dining Group Beverage Director Ali Toghani said each bar manager and their teams had upped their Negroni game, explored new ingredients and created some fantastic and refreshingly unique Negronis.
“The Negroni is perfect as it is, made from three equal parts of gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari, however there is always room for creative licence, experimentation and innovation.”
“Our Melbourne guests, OzHarvest and the individuals that are supported by this exceptional charity will be the beneficiaries of that creativity.”

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