Easter and the Espresso Martini – a match made in “your home bar”

Easter is a great time of year to have a sweet tooth – or shall we say, to be a “dessert connoisseur”, just to class it up a bit. Belonging in the category of indulgent drinks that double as dessert, Cocktail Porter have just launched their Easter DIY Cocktail Kits delivering nationwide, and let me tell you, you’d be damned if you weren’t trying to eat your screen in about one minute. I mean, that little bunny only comes once a year, so best you make the most of it. Capiche?

Messina Dulce de Leche & Coffee Cocktail (served in a chocolate egg, duh!)

Completely dominating the status quo of all Easter cocktails that have ever been slinged before, this concoction is the perfect combination of Baileys Irish Creme, Cold Drip Coffee and Mr Black Coffee Liqueur, mixed and poured into a chocolate egg then topped with pieces of popcorn and drizzled with Messina Dulce de Leche.

Lindt Chocolate Bunny Espresso MartiniPulling-off espresso drinks at home may sound complicated, but Cocktail Porter is here to make sure that emergency bottle of wine stays in the fridge. A rich blend of Kettle One Vodka, Seven Seeds Cold Filter Coffee and Mr Black Coffee Liqueur are shaken and poured into a Lindt Milk Chocolate Bunny. A cocktail from a chocolate bunny? It doens’t get much extra than that.
Each of the Cocktail Porter DIY Kits are available in a small size designed to create 6 bar-style cocktails for $80 and a large size designed to create 12 bar-style drinks for $140. Delivery starts from 15th March however you can pre-order your kit via Cocktail Porter here.

In the chronicles of cocktail-making, these two contenders are all-around heavyweight champions. We definitely recommend refills.

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