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The Mexican ‘daisy’ – originally tequila, citrus and grenadine served over shaved ice – translates to margarita, has featured in tequila ads since the 1940’s. The perfectly balanced cocktail, made in the traditional way, uses:

Glassware: Coupette

Garnish: Salt rim

50ml Tequila Fortaleza
30ml Cointreau
30ml Fresh Lime

Step 1. Combine all ingredients
Step 2. Shake and strain into glass
Step 3. Garnish with salt and a lime wheel

Tip: Taste test. The margarita needs to be balanced, limes and salt can vary – so try a couple of different ways to see what you like best. We’ve used Cointreau, but you may want to try Grand Marnier.

We’ve used quality Fortaleza Tequila, 100 Blue Agave, oven-roasted and stone crushed the traditional way. Yes, you can taste the difference.

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