Get Your Hands on This Gem Before It Sells Out!

The popular gin that sold out in both 2015 and 2016 is back. After receiving numerous emails and calls from people searching for the gin, Four Pillars in the Yarra Valley has decided to create another batch, and this time there should be plenty to go around.

When we were told a few years ago that Four Pillars was experimenting with a bunch of shiraz grapes in their gin, we had no idea that it would turn out as good as this.

If you love red wine and you love gin then you’ll love Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin.

This bright purple coloured elixir turns iridescent pink when mixed with tonic or soda and has all the spice and pepper flavours of the shiraz and citrus and juniper notes of the gin. Plus it packs a punch at 37.8% ABV!

In 2015, all 600 bottles were gone in a few weeks. The next year, 8,000 bottles sold out in four months. Now the brand has released a whopping 50,000 bottles, but we can’t guarantee that they’ll be around for long.

The team is planning on launching this baby on June 1, so get into stores then to get your bottle.

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