Glenfiddich Releases ‘The Original’: The Whisky That Started It All


Blended with a storied past and launched as part of an impassioned local marketing campaign, William Grant & Sons has released its newest distiller’s collection expression into Australia – Glenfiddich The Original.

Inspired by the pioneering spirit of Sandy Grant Gordon, Glenfiddich The Original is a recreation of the embryonic 1963 Glenfiddich Straight Malt that significantly spurred the modern single malt category.

Following authentic specifications uncovered within the Glenfiddich family archives, Malt Master Brian Kinsman recreated the historic recipe with the help of an unrivalled library of aged whiskies that has documented every blend in the distillery’s recent past.

Upon nosing and tasting the original 1963 sample, Kinsman identified and painstakingly reproduced the whisky from seed to seal.

“While most whiskies today mature in oak, sherry casks were more prominent in 1963. The result, then and now, is a spirit contrasting many of our other expressions”, Kinsman comments.

Peter Gordon, Glenfiddich Company Director says: “The family’s vision and independence has allowed us to continuously strive to innovate and create superior whiskies. Glenfiddich The Original is a prime example of this and a tribute to my father, Sandy, and Uncle Charles’ achievement of introducing single malt Scotch to the world.”

In further commemoration of the distillery’s forefathers, William Grant & Sons will continue Glenfiddich The Original’s affirmation of ancestry with a series of marketing campaigns across Australia, headlined by a select number of generation-run Australian businesses.

The families specially selected to take part include Michael, Del and George Carayannis of Rosebery Service Station, the Couche family of The Lord Dudley Hotel and the Foti Firework Family; all who have been honoured as ‘The Extended Family’.

Each will receive an exclusive invitation to share in a tasting of Glenfiddich The Original with their most esteemed customers in a toast to the mark they have made on their respective industries.

William Grant & Sons will also launch ‘The Original Grant’ on June 1 – a nation-wide competition to find Australia’s most ‘Original’ small or medium-sized business.

Glenfiddich The Original will be available June 1 from leading whisky retail outlets and venues nationwide, retailing for $100.


Glenfiddich The Original Tasting Notes

ABV: 40%

Colour: Golden

Nose: A fruity, floral aroma with a hallmark hint of pear.

Taste: Definitively sweet with a soft vanilla oakiness. The flavours develop to reveal spices, citrus and biscuity notes.

Finish: Dry.

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