Kollaras & Co. Have Added New Additions To The Family

Kollaras & Co have recently released a handful of new Australian wines that are both unique and quirky. The ‘Mo-Town’ range is crafted from the vintages of boutique vineyards in the world-renowned wine regions of the Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale. These funky wines bring a new take on
traditional and take pride in throwing out the rule book. Touting bold, complex, perfectly balanced flavours.

The Kollaras family are also celebrating the recent launch of Mi Scusi Prosecco. In light of the recent low ABV boom, this tipple has elements of Art deco and Italian pizzazz (with a dash of Aussie cheek).

Mo-Town Pinot Noir

Mo-Town Pinot Noir 2018

Description: Mo-Town Pinot Noir is made 100% from Pinot Noir Grapes and is silky smooth on the palate. This striking red offers sweet fruit flavours of cherry and plum. Making it the perfect choice with dinner, specifically with lamb or roast duck.
Size: 750ml
Vintage: 2018

Appearance: Striking red appearance
Aroma: Delicious aroma of red berries
Palate: Smooth flavours of cherry and plum

Mo-Town Shiraz

Mo-Town Shiraz 2017


Description: Mo-Town Shiraz has an intense depth of colour that is complemented by a fruity profile of plum and raspberry with a hint of spice. This red wine is suggested to be had with snacks and nibbles such as hard cheese or chocolate.
Size: 750ml

Vintage: 2017
Appearance: Intense depth of colour
Aroma: Sweet berry aroma
Palate: Plum and raspberry flavours with a hint of spice

Mi Scusi Prosecco

Mi Scusi Prosecco

Description: Mi Scusi Prosecco is proudly Australian, made at the renowned Murray Darling wine region.  With aromas of fresh florals and green apple that compliment the lively sherbert palate with a hint of pink grapefruit.
Size: 750ml
Vintage: NV
Appearance: Beautiful gold appearance with continuous fine bubbles
Aroma: Fresh spring florals and crisp apple
Palate: Lively sherbet with a hint of pink grapefruit

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