Kosciuszko Wines Chardonnay at its peak

Tumbarumba was one of the worst hit, a number of vineyards reduced to ashes. Wineries and equipment were not spared either. That alone would make many of us keen to support local wineries, purchasing what we can to ensure they stay afloat and to support their future endeavours. Needless to say, even in these circumstances, the wine needs to be at least decent. 

The name of this enterprise, ‘Kosciuszko’, reflects the cool climate (if there is any of that left), high altitude approach which one would expect from a winery named after our highest mountain. It is one of those wineries that one rarely encounters unless one takes a deep trip through the region, so it was great to see what they are doing. 

The Kosciuszko Wines Chardonnay Tumbarumba 2018 is definitely worth chasing. At A$22, it is excellent value (and you are helping out where help is needed). It is a fresh, leaner style of chardonnay, chasing elegance rather than richness. Some florals, gentle melon and lean citrus notes. A hint of stonefruit. Pleasant acidity and reasonable length, although it does fade. Not overly complex but enjoyable enough, nonetheless. 88. Tasted 14/2/20. 

Have a drink, save the world. Well, make a start.

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