Melbourne Welcomes Maker’s Mark Old Fashioned Week

Melbourne Welcomes Maker’s Mark Old Fashioned Week

Tailing Melbourne Fashion Week will be the (much more fun) Maker’s Mark Old Fashioned Week. Running from September 2nd to the 10th, Melbourne’s best bars will host the celebration of Maker’s Mark bourbon and the Old Fashioned, each featuring their own unique twist on the cocktail.

To mark the inaugural Melbourne celebration, Maker’s Mark has even created its own Old Fashioned glass for the perfect Old Fashioned cocktail, to be featured at selected bars throughout the week. A lot of thought has been put into this glass, designed to be cradle in the hand, with a thick base to assist in the muddling of ingredients. The rise in the base also allows for the sugar to dissolve easily in the bitters, with a smaller circumference at the top giving a tapered shape for swirling and the amplification of caramel and vanilla aromas.

Maker’s Mark connoisseurs know that the spirit and the Old Fashioned go hand-in-hand. Premium Spirits Ambassador for The Blend, Matt Barnett, said, “The great thing about an Old Fashioned is it makes whisky more approachable. Maker’s Mark is perfect for the job. Switching rye out for wheat in their mash makes for a sweeter, softer spirit and in turn, a gentle sipping Old Fashioned with a long, warm finish.”

Remember, no two Maker’s Mark Old Fashioned cocktails will be the same through the week, so make sure you try them all. Participating bars will include 1806, Doc Martin’s at Collins Quarter, Madame Brussels, The Carlton Club, Bar Ampere, Union Electric, Spice Market and Ms Collins.



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