Messina Dulce De Leche Espresso Martini – Mini

The name is a mouthful but with something this delicious that is not a problem. The Messina Dulce De Leche Espresso Martini – Mini poach from Cocktail Porter x Messina contains everything you need to make 6 delicious cocktails and master the bartending skills at home.

As the name suggests this is a twist on the traditional Espresso Martini, with a rich hazelnut spread and coconut rim to top It off, this can substitute for dessert.

The small kit costs $85 and will make 6 cocktails – you just need to supply measuring equipment, a shaker and chilled (frosted) martini glasses. A good investment for any prospective home bartender.

You can get an up-weighted kit that will make three times the amount for $145.

Our verdict: Really usable and utterly delicious. The cocktail needs to be shaken hard to get the maximum frothy top – and this is explained clearly in the instructions. Everything else I could do without too much thinking – it’s literally like following IKEA instructions. I was particularly impressed with the attention to detail on the garnishes and the ingredients in the cocktail.

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