Moo Brew Unveils World’s First Beer Can Roulette Machine

Not sure what beer to get? Hobart based Moo Brew can now make the decision for you with its latest, and might we add world-first, beer can roulette vending machine.

Made to celebrate the brewery’s new range of beer cans, Moo Brew has created a weird and wonderful way to have a beer, with the tagline, “We’ll decide what beer you get.”

Head brewer Dave Macgill came up with the idea, harkening back to his father who was always seeing his mates come around and steal his beer.

To combat the issue, he converted a soft drink vending machine and custom built it to fit beer and charged them $2 each, using the revenue to restock the machine. In a similar fashion, but with an element of risk, Moo Brew has created the beer can roulette vending machine.

The machine contains seven beers, six core Moo brew cans and one beer that you don’t want to drink (trust us). All you do is pay for your beer, pull the handle, and the machine decides what beer you get. Sounds fun right? And isn’t variety the spice of life? We like to think so.

Range of Moo Brew cans

The Moo Brew Can Roulette Vending Machine will make its debut at the Newtown Hotel on September 21, before heading to Melbourne where it will appear at the opening and closing night parties for Melbourne Festival, as well as feature at the Garden State Hotel from October 6-21.

After the tour, the machine will find a permanent home back in Tassie at MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) from mid-November, just in time for Moo Brew’s 12th birthday.

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