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One part gin, one-part sweet vermouth, one part bitters; that’s a negroni. Yet this seemingly simple concoction is in fact highly complex. You can thank bittersweet, blood-red Campari for that – the spirit most commonly utilised for negroni’s bitters component. More than sixty herbs, fruits and spices derive to create Campari’s unique flavour profile; think orange peel, pomegranate, ginseng and rhubarb; it’s no wonder then that a single whiff of a negroni can send a delightful shiver down your spine. While medicinal and citrusy on the nose, the bitters are subdued by the sweet vermouth rosso before gin cuts through, sharpening the cocktail and generating the definitive Negroni flavour that has taken the world by storm. You might not expect that these three flavour components compliment each other, but they truly do, marrying beautifully in the glass and provoking that delightful pre-meal giddiness a decent aperitif should do. So, who can we thank for this aromatic, yet fiery cocktail of joy? Count Negroni of course. In the late nineteenth century, the Italians were right into their Americanos, a cocktail whose recipe called for Campari, sweet vermouth and club soda (it was also referred to as the Milano-Torino with Campari originating from Milan and the brand of vermouth used Cinzano, originating from Turin). Yet it seems for this Italian nobleman, club soda wasn’t going to cut it. He ordered an Americano and did something fabulous indeed: he said, “hold the soda, put some gin in it.” And there we have it, the Negroni was born, ready to grace the palates of cocktail aficionados across the globe before being subsumed by the wider drinking culture who fell for each tantalizing sip. The beauty of aperitifs is that they leave you wanting more: with such a penetrating array of flavours, from sweet to downright bitter, anything following on the palate is sure to be mouth wateringly delicious. But there’s something about the Negroni, with its complex blend of aromas, fruit and spice, flavours that are perfectly balanced by the crispness of gin, that guarantees its suitability for any occasion, be it as an accompaniment to the evening meal or for weekend drinking festivities. So go ahead, break the rules, make a Negroni and enjoy it at whatever time of the day you feel appropriate. It’s precisely what the Count would have wanted. 



45ml Gin 

45ml Campari 

45ml Red Vermouth 

METHOD: Build spirits over ice in a rocks glass. Stir gently with a tall spoon 

GARNISH: Orange slice 

GLASS: Rocks 

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