Patagonia Climbs into Beer

Patagonia, designer of outdoor clothing and gear, has launched the world’s first beer made with Kernza grain, Long Root Ale, via Patagonia Provisions. Kernza is a perennial grain meaning that it lives and remains productive for two or more years. The grain is ideal for organic regenerative agriculture (agriculture that improves the resources it uses, rather than destroying or depleting them ) with its long roots allowing it to thrive without pesticides, and requiring less water than conventional wheat. It also helps to reduce erosion and removes more carbon from the atmosphere than annual grains.

Patagonia Long Root Ale
Kernza Farmer Jim Rrichardson

The Long Root Ale is a refreshing pale ale made with organic two row barley, organic yeast and a blend of organic Northwest hops, resulting in a beer with grapefruit hop aromas and balanced malt flavours. The addition of 15 per cent of Kernza adds a slight spiciness to the crisp, dry finish. 

Patagonia Provisions partnered with Hopworks Urban Brewery to create the Long Root Ale, and was chosen dues to the brewery’s commitment to organic and sustainable brewing practices. Hopworks specialise in organic beer, and is on a mission to revolutionise the brewing industry for the better with sustainable practices that protect the environment.

Director of Patagonia Provisions Birgit Cameron said, “With its wonderful tradition and history of bringing people together, Patagonia Provisions saw an opportunity to use such a widely influential product to tell the story of organic regenerative agriculture, via Kernza, to a wide swath of people with a product we can all get behind. All it takes is a small tweak in the way we make our beer to effect big change – we are hoping this message reaches the big brewers of the world”.

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