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Your contemporary guide to Champagne & Sparkling.

208 pages of elegant drinking, comparing the Champagne and sparkling categories!

11 of the world’s finest champagne houses and 13 sparkling bubbles (including Aussie favourites) to explore.

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How much do you know about what’s in your glass of bubbles? If there’s one thing many of us do know it’s that we like it. Australian’s rank among the world’s elite when it comes to enjoying our fair share; we consumed over six million bottles of Champagne alone last year and plenty more Sparkling, Cava and Prosecco; it seems we have embraced opportunity to celebrate with bubbles on a more regular occasion.
The next 200 pages are dedicated to the wonderful world of Champagne and Sparkling wine; imported or from Australia, tank fermented or method traditional – we trust you’ll find something special in explore Champagne and Sparkling and with New year’s Eve right around the corner, the one night most associated with bubbly, we encourage you to toast your increase knowledge with some of the great wines you’ll find in this book – responsibly of course.

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