The ‘best dram’ – Glenfiddich Grand Cru

Glenfiddich is one of the most beloved of all Scottish malts. They began more than 150 years ago with William Grant, a bookkeeper at the Mortlach Distillery with a dream of making the “best dram in the valley.” At 47, Grant quit his job and purchased a copper pot still and associated equipment. He, his seven sons and two daughters, then set off to make that “best dram.”
Brian Kinsman, their current malt master who has held the role for more a decade, and the team at Glenfiddich, has a reputation for innovation – look at whiskies like their Snow Phoenix and Winter Storm.
This June, viruses permitting, Glenfiddich will release the first in what they have dubbed their ‘Grand’ series, the ‘Grand Cru’ ($390). It has already seen the light of day in certain offshore markets and has been extremely well received.

This is a 23-Year-Old malt, finished in “French cuvée oak casks”, after first maturing in American and European oak casks. Glenfiddich have described the French Cuvee casks as casks which once were home to “a great sparkling wine from France”.
The Grand Cru is 40 per cent; the exquisitely presented bottle is 700 ml. We understand that the Grand Series will have two more releases later this year (although who knows what will be happening).
The ‘Grand Cru’ is slightly pale in colour and offers both richness and elegance. There are floral notes, a hint of glacé fruit, brioche and apple orchards. There is vanillin oak on the palate, with white chocolate and stone fruits, spices and the merest hint of raspberry. The texture is cushiony soft and creamy. Excellent finish, great length, impeccably balanced and complex throughout. A superb malt that is finely crafted.

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