The Botanist Gin x Chiswick

We were recently invited to a dinner with The Botanist Gin at Sydney’s popular restaurant Chiswick in Woollahra. The interactive dining experience was an evening of flavour explosion. 

On arrival, Josh O’Brien brand ambassador for The Botanist Gin, welcomed us with a G&T and guided us through an array of fresh herbs and fruits from the garden to garnish our drink. To accompany the arrival drink, we were also treated to two The Botanist Gin cocktails, Botanist and the Bees and Islay Sunset. 

On the food front, some of Chiswick’s classic dishes were on the menu for the evening, including the Barra-in-a-bag and Moran Family lamb shoulder. 

This experience was a food and gin lovers paradise, and if this collaboration happens again, it’s not one to be missed. 

Keep on reading to see the recipes of the two The Botanist cocktails. 

Botanist & The Bees

Ingredients: 60ml The Botanist gin
10ml Extra dry vermouth 
12.5ml Lemon myrtle infused honey water* (ratio 1:1)
2 x Dash grapefruit bitters. 

Method: Add all ingredients to mixing glass. Fill with ice and stir. Pour into a chilled cocktail glass. 

Garnish: A spray of grapefruit oil

**to make lemon myrtle honey** 

200ml Honey
200ml Lemon myrtle tea
Brew 200ml of lemon myrtle tea and combine with 200ml honey stirring until honey dissolves. Bottle and refrigerate.

The Botanist & The Bees

Islay Sunset

50ml The Botanist Gin
20ml Fresh Lemon juice
15ml bitter orange syrup**
Egg white

Method: Add all ingredients to shaker. Shake without ice. Add ice. Shake and fine strain into champagne flute.

Garnish: Lime coconut spray**

**bitter orange syrup**

1 Cup white sugar
3/4 Cup water
1/4 Cup orange bitters. 

Method: Add ingredients to saucepan and heat till sugar dissolves. Bottle and store in fridge.

Islay Sunset

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