Welcome to the land of fizz FELLR

If you’re looking for a bevvy low in sugar, low cal and full of flavour, then FELLR is the choice for you. Created out of the garage on Sydney’s beaches, seasoned drink marketers Andy Skora and Will Morgan created an Alcoholic Seltzer that’s all-natural.

Image: Co-founders Andy Skora and Will Morgan

Kicking off the launch is Lime & Soda and Dry & Lime flavours, with Watermelon following later this year. What makes FELLR unique, is their customer developed brewing method, and the result is a clear and refreshing alcohol base that is complex and has a fuller mouthfeel.

Like many great start-up brands, the idea was born over a couple of beers, and a few healthy debates over why there aren’t many pre-mixes people are proud to serve.

Andy Skora Co-Founder, says “We love how far the craft revolution pushed the beer category, leading people to be more inquisitive and open to trying new flavours & brands. We saw that the pre-mix category was moving towards lower-calorie and light/fresh trends; however, it’s really been calling out for more unique, local brands for a while now and we saw an opportunity for FELLR to help fill this gap.”

“We know it was mandatory for FELLR to have all-natural ingredients, low sugar and be gluten-free. But we wanted to prioritise flavour, so we’ve retained less than 1G of real fruit sugars to maintain a fresh and real fruit taste, as most no sugar products taste pretty average. And we’ve still managed to make one of the lowest-calorie drinks on the market.”

Will Morgan Co-founder explains Australia’s unique lifestyle and culture has been a constant source of inspiration for the brand.

“The inspiration for the FELLR brand comes from what we call a ‘Land of Fizz’. We’ve taken our visual, tonal and lingual cues from the sunburnt country. The rugged beauty, endless beaches, pastel skies and rich, laid-back culture. Aussie’s are an excitable bunch too, who love chasing those moments of pure stoke. It’s those feelings when you’re just hanging with your mates, or when you’re just doing what you love that we’ve also tried to capture with this brand.”

FELLR comes in 330ml cans at 4% ABV in Lime & Soda & Dry & Lime flavours. FELLR is proud to be all-natural, 83 calories, less than 1 gram of sugar, gluten-free and vegan friendly.

Keep an eye out as FELLR is soon to be available at selected online & retail stores around Australia.

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