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Talk to any spirits connoisseur about gin, tequila or vodka and they’ll become misty-eyed with excitement; given the chance, they will go above and beyond to open your eyes, mind and taste buds to the unique characteristics of each tipple. A group unfairly shrouded by myth and questionable reputations, we’re eager to explore and unravel the wonderful world of white spirits with you.

The consumption of gin has grown dramatically over the last few years. In seventeenth century Holland, this white spirit was considered a medicinal remedy for those overcome with stomach pains. That, of course, was followed by a long stint wherein a tipple of gin was favoured amongst our grandparents’ generation. But today the age gap is barely visible. A growing number of craft distillers are joining the more traditional brands, and new flavours are being discovered daily. From the refreshing taste of cucumber to the nutty aroma of wattleseed, gin today enjoys a large following.

Tequila is often associated with cheap shots and a hangover you’d rather forget. What many don’t know however, is that there are many premium quality tequilas that testify against this and showcase just how incredible this white spirit can be. In fact, these tequilas are often not told apart from whiskeys when judged side by side at some of the best competitions in the world. Made from the 12 million-year-old agave plant, which takes at least six years to grow, tequila is a white spirit that should be sipped and savoured to preserve the time-honoured skill that goes into each bottle.

Last but not least, the stalwart vodka. While it’s hard to pinpoint an exact date for the beginning
of manufacture, we do know that vodka originated in Eastern Europe somewhere around the eighth century. Made from fermented grains or potatoes, this traditional alcoholic drink has certainly come a long way. Though it wasn’t introduced to the Western Hemisphere until the 1900s, vodka is now the most popular white spirit in Australia. And who could imagine a bar without it? Clear, pure and clean, vodka can be mixed with just about anything, but that is no excuse to hide its lush, velvety taste.

So sit back and relax as we whisk you away on a journey that explores the highs and lows, cultures, histories and flavours of gin, tequila and vodka.

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