Welcome to the World of Wine

We’ve just released our latest print magazine – explore WINE.

There really is so much to learn about wine. Wine comes in many different forms and is enjoyed in equally numerous measures – responsibly of course. There’s white wine, red wine, dessert wine, fortified and sparkling, and everything inbetween. Each type then has so many styles, made from different grapes and in different ways, including blended, from single vineyards, picked early or picked late.

It can all become a little overwhelming unless you’ve committed to years of studying. Let’s assume that you haven’t, and you’d just like to know enough to have a good grounding and help you partake in the pre-dinner chat whetting everyone’s appetite.

Let explore WINE be your guide.

Australia is one of, if not the most, wine educated countries on earth. We love our wine. So inevitably someone at most occasions knows quite a lot about this wonderful product. There has been an explosion of interest over the last 30 years as we’ve transitioned out of a largely fortified drinking nation to quality table wines.

explore WINE will help you to understand how wine is made, bottled and delivered to you via wine club memberships, your local bottle shop or direct through the cellar door. We review regions and iconic wineries around the country – from the Hunter Valley to Tasmania and the Clare Valley, across to the Margaret River. Along the way we’ll introduce you to some of the great characters making wine and leading the charge for Australian and New Zealand wine across the globe.

Wine is there to be enjoyed. You don’t have to be an expert at identifying all the intricate flavours; it just helps to know what you like. We trust that explore WINE can help you find that special bottle and be a part of your discovery of wines, wineries and some great weekends away.

For your definitive guide to Australia’s wine, or to share the magazine with your best wine-loving friend, shop explore WINE here.

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