Whiskey, Stories and a Shoe Shine… What More Could You Want?

Bushmills Irish Whisky is having an evening of storytelling, whiskey and craftsmanship with Australian sculptor Dion Hortsman. The event will be on the 21st of February at the newly opened venue ‘Employee’s Only’ in Sydney.

The night will entail live music, curated cocktails, an expert-led whiskey tasting and storytelling with Andy Ratcliff, a QandA with sculptor Dion Hortsman and even a complimentary shoe shine.

Bushmills – Dion Hortsman

Horstman is attracted to the timeless nature of both whiskey and art. “Collaborating with Bushmills has heightened my awareness of the timelessness and durability of whiskey, the ability of a brand to be passed from generation to generation,” Horstman also said, “there is a timeless and ritualistic element to sitting down and enjoying a glass.”

Event Details:

Thursday 21st February 2019
5 pm @ Employees Only
9a Barrack St, Sydney, NSW, 2000
Ticket price: $20

Click here to purchase tickets.

Each Black Bush Story ticket holder will receive:

  •       An expert-led whiskey tasting
  •       A curated selection of Bushmills Black Bush cocktails: Bushmills Smash, Apple Bush, and Bushmills Black Fashioned
  •       Q&A with Dion Horstman
  •       Live entertainment
  •       A complimentary shoe shine

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