Tasting notes – Royale Salute

Royale Salute


Royal Salute 21 year old

Royal Salute

21 year old

Deep golden amber in colour, the 21 Year Old brings rich, fruity aromas and sweet fragrance of autumn flowers on the nose with powerful whiffs of sweet pears and citrus fruits and a dry oakiness enhanced with subtle notes of sherry and smoke. Full, deep and fruity flavours on the palste with subtle smokiness, sweet orange and fresh pears before a medley of spices with hazelnuts and a rich, long, lingering finish.

Royal Salute 38 year old

Royal Salute

38 year old

A deep amber shade hints at the full, deep aromas of cedar wood and almonds on the nose with rich, sherried oakiness and a full palate with the richness of dried fruits, assertive spiciness and a deep floral fragrance before a full, long and lingering finish.

Royal Salute 62 Gun Salute

Royal Salute

62 Gun Salute

Nose is extremely rich with sumptuous fruit notes and lavish swirls of ripe plums seamlessly combined with a complex essence of sherried sweetness and magnificent notes of fine dark chocolate married with hints of warm spicy cinnamon before an explosion of power on the palate bursting with a zenith of intense sweet Seville orange mingles with a superb depth of nutty, oaky flavour. Just a sensation of smoke evokes a top dressing of distinction before an impressively long finish that lingers luxuriously with superlative structure.

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