Tasting notes – Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey



Wild Turkey Bourbon

86.8 Proof, 43.4%

The classic Wild Turkey’s orange amber colour hints at a nose of vanilla, caramel Christmas pudding and a trace of corn. Matured in a new American oak barrel, the palate is rich and full-bodied with butterscotch, cinnamon, cloves and a quiet hint of nutmeg before a rapid finish invites another sip.


Wild Turkey

101 Proof, 50.5%

Wild Turkey 101 Proof’s auburn colour brings a thick, rich nose that is strong in vanilla with hints of leather, honey and tobacco leaf. Savoury full-bodied oak flavours are more pronounced on the palate, transforming into flavours of dry vanilla, spices and creamy caramel before a medium finish with a clean and cool mouthfeel.


Wild Turkey Rare Breed

108.2 Proof, 54.1%

The notably rich, dark amber colour of Wild Turkey Rare Breed matches the heavy bodied spirit. Nutty vanilla base notes and light smoky caramel undertones bring a nose of caramelised peach and black pepper. Palate is curiously smooth yet assertive with traces of citrus, dark chocolate and and controlled Demerara sweetness before a long, aromatic finish with lingering notes of honey.

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