Wild Turkey Bourbon release limited edition Master’s Keep 1894

The famous Wild Turkey Bourbon has released the latest expression in its limited edition Master’s Keep series, 1894. This product is an Australian only release and honour the oldest rickhouse (warehouse) on the Wild Turkey estate, and a place where Master Distiller Eddie Russell first fell in love with bourbon.

Eddie was recently in Australia for the Masters of Conviction tour, hosting events showcasing not only the distinct Wild Turkey range but highlighting the Master’s Keep Series with the 17 Year-Old, and Decades expressions offered alongside 1894. The 1894 profile features layers of toffee, honey, spice and fruity notes, with a long vanilla and caramel finish. It is best enjoyed neat or with a dash of water.

Speaking about the 1894 expression, Eddie said, “From the very first taste at Rickhouse A, I knew I wanted to dedicate my life to bourbon. Master’s Keep 1894 captures that moment, the start of my journey to master distiller and the beginning of years of tradition.”


Wild Turkey Master Distiller Eddie Russell

Interestingly, the Master’s Keep 1894 is an Australia only limited release, meaning bourbon fans outside of Australia will have a tough time getting a hold of a bottle. The Wild Turkey Master’s Keep 1894 has an RRP of $200 AUD and is limited to 10,000 bottles, and is available through Dan Murphy’s stores, Vintage Cellars, First Choice Liquor and select independent retailers.

Head to wildturkeybourbon.com.au for more info on the Wild Turkey brand and Master’s Keep collection.

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