World First Blockchain Whisky

Ailsa Bay has launched the world’s first-ever blockchain whisky, capturing the full distilling and manufacturing process. You can track the whisky from its source all the way to your glass.  Why so? You may well ask. Well, the growing number of fakes on the market seems like a good place to start.

Blockchain information essentially means that the data collected from parent company William Grant & Sons’; including cask types, filling dates and bottling dates, all gets stored. By scanning the QR code users are presented with a visual history of their whisky in the form of digitally created art.

James Macrae, Brand Ambassador or Ailsa Bay, says “Innovation is a key part of the William Grant & Sons business. We’re constantly looking to evolve our offering and learn new things in order to push the boundaries within the drinks industry. We’re doing something now that we hope will set the bar for the future experience of spirits, and we look forward to seeing how other brands follow suit as innovation within the industry continues to develop in the next few years.”

The adoption of blockchain is the latest innovation for Ailsa Bay. It joins other innovative processes, including ‘micro-maturation’, where the spirit is added in small bourbon casks for six to nine months for rapid and intense maturation, and unique taste measuring labeling, displaying both the PPM (Phenol Parts per Million) and SPPM (Sweet Parts Per Million); bringing a new way of thinking to a traditional drink.

Ailsa Bay’s 700ml whisky (RRP $95) is available nationally.

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