World Tequila Day​: Try these simple Tequila cocktails you can create at home

Tequila and its cousin Mezcal (both agave-based spirits from Mexico), continue to be a favourite amongst a small but growing number of Australians who have perhaps travelled to Mexico, love a Margarita, or enjoy a flavourful base spirit to a refreshing mixed drink. Australians are drinking better quality tequila more than ever with premium tequila outpacing the growth of standard tequila. This is fuelled by the appreciation of fine tequilas like Patrón in cocktails and neat serves.

Today is World Tequila Day and what better way to celebrate than mixing up a few Tequila cocktails with friends. Here are our go-to cocktail recipes.

Patrón Margarita
Photo Credit: Ryan Stuart

Patrón Margarita 

45ml Patrón Silver Tequila
15ml De Kuyer TripleSec
30ml Fresh lime juice
10ml Sugar syrup

METHOD: Add ingredients to a cocktail shaker and add a scoop of ice. Shake well and fine strain into a double old fashioned glass rimmed with sea salt

GARNISH: Sea salt of the rim of the glass 

GLASSWARE: Double old fashioned 

Paloma cocktail
Photo credit: Ryan Stuart

Patrón Paloma 

60ml Patrón Reposado Tequila
15ml Fresh lime juice 
90ml Pink grapefruit soda 
15ml Agave syrup 

METHOD: Add ingredients to a highball glass rimmed with sea salt, add ice and gently stir

GARNISH: Slice of pink grapefruit

GLASSWARE: Highball  

Patrón Old Fashioned
Photo: Ryan Stuart

Patrón Old Fashioned

60ml Patrón Añejo Tequila  
5ml Agave syrup 
5ml Honey 
1 x Dash orange bitters 
1 x Dash aromatic bitters 

METHOD: Add ingredients to a cocktail mixing glass and add a scoop of ice. Stir well and fine strain over a large cube of ice into an old fashioned glass

GARNISH: An orange peel twist

GLASSWARE: Old fashioned

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