‘World’s Hottest Drink’ Launches In Australia

The global beverage sensation, White Claw, has finally arrived on Australian shores, just in time for summer. Having taken overseas markets by storm, riding the seltzer wave of low-calorie drinking, White Claw has already created a splash of interest via Dan Murphys pre-orders.

The most-searched-for seltzer in Australia overnight notched up 1500 pre-orders all placed within the first 48 hours delighting Dan Murphy’s MD Alex Freudmann, who said: “this is the first time Dan Murphy’s has hosted a pre-order of a ready-to-drink beverage, and we were blown away by the number of customers who wanted to make sure they would be amongst the first to try White Claw the day it launches in Australia. Thousands of our customers are looking forward to finally trying the launch of the most anticipated drinks of 2020 in Australia.” 

Lion Australia, importers of the US seltzer sensation said: “we’re proud to bring the hottest beverage on the planet to Australia. White Claw has become synonymous with summer in the US and it has also received rave reviews since the brand launched in the UK for its summer season this year.” 

There are three White Claw Hard Seltzer flavours available at launch: Mango, Lime, and Grapefruit. The liquid is made using a blend of sparkling water, a gluten-free alcohol base, and a hint of natural fruit flavour.

Each can contains 95 calories, so here’s a link to 13 ways to burn 100 calories, all you need to do in between each can.

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