VB Low Carb

Victoria Bitter has made its first entry into the better-for-you space with the release of VB Low Carb. The new beer has been designed to emulate the flavour and strength of the brand’s flagship lager while cutting down the carbs by 33%.

“With the full flavour and strength of regular VB at 4.9% ABV, we reckon it will appeal to even the most die-hard VB purists. Our brewers weren’t sure it was possible, but they did it and it’s bloody good,” said Head of Classic Brands at CUB Sarah Wilcox.

“In the past, some classic beer lovers thought low carb beer was not for them, but with seven out of 10 VB drinkers telling us they’d seriously consider a low carb option, it is the right time for VB Low Carb. 

“We are committed to innovations like this at CUB because it creates value for our customers and helps grow the entire beer category.”

VB Low Carb retails at $55 per case of 24 and is available nationwide now. 

Diageo’s Spirited Xchange 2023 collection

A collection of eight special release single malt Scotch whiskies produced by Diageo brands has arrived to Australian shores. Despite all being made by Scottish distilleries, each whisky has drawn direct inspiration from a different country, accentuated by different oak casks. 

The eight whiskies are:

  • Singleton 14 Year Old, The Silk Atelier (France) $170
  • Talisker Non Age Declared, The Wild Explorador (Portugal) $170
  • Lagavulin 12 Year Old, The Ink of Legends (Mexico) $220
  • Mortlach Non Age Declared, The Katana’s Edge (Japan) $399
  • Clynelish 10 Year Old, The Jazz Crescendo (USA) $240
  • Glenkinchie 27 Year Old, The Floral Treasure (China) $599
  • Oban 11 Year Old, The Soul of Calypso (Caribbean) $199
  • Roseisle 12 Year Old, The Soaring Kite (North Sea/ Scandinavia) $170

“For the Special Releases ‘Spirited Xchange 2023’ Single Malt Scotch Whisky Collection, we pay homage to the exchange of ideas, discovery and inspiration of Scotch whisky and its makers as it reached new shores and the contemporary resonance it holds today,” said ex-Master Blender Stuart Morrison. 

“The finished collection is a testament to each distillery’s rich heritage”
The Diageo’ Special Releases ‘Spirited Xchange 2023’ Collection are available in limited quantities nationwide now. 

Guinness 0.0

Guiness’ non-alcoholic version of its iconic Irish Stout has arrived to Australia shortly ahead of St Patrick’s day. Guinness 0.0 strives to emulate the flavour and texture of the brand’s flagship beer but in an alcohol free package. 

“As one of the world’s oldest and most loved drinks, Guinness continues to remain at the forefront of innovation,” said Albertus Lombard, Lion Brand Director of premium beer. 

“The launch of Guinness 0.0 is catering to consumer needs, without compromising on the signature Guinness flavour profile that its drinkers know and love.”

According to data from Lion Australia, the release comes at a time of continued growth for the no-low category. It also comes shortly ahead of the year’s biggest Irish celebration, with an estimated equivalent of 2.4 million pints expected to be drunk over the current festive period. 

Guinness 0.0 is now available nationwide in 440ml cans and costs $15.99 for a 4-pack. 

Rooster Rojo’s Mezcal 

Rooster Rojo, well known for its Tequilas, has recently added its Mezcal to its Australian range. 

First released in 2022, the Rooster Rojo Mezcal is made from seven-year-old Espadin agaves from the Oaxaca region. Espadin agave is the genetic grandfather of blue agave, the only variety permitted in Tequila production. As a result, it tends to share some of the same flavour characteristics. 

Expect the Rooster Rojo Mezcal to display a rich and rustic style laden with fruit and smoked herb notes. 

Two Stacks Dram in a Can

Since being founded in 2020, Two Stacks has developed a strong reputation for balancing traditional Irish whiskey production techniques with a contemporary style. 

The unique whiskey-in-a-can format appeals both to drinkers looking for ways to moderate consumption and to the more environmentally conscious consumers. The can for each 100ml serving weighs only 22g, over eight times lighter than conventional miniature 50ml glass bottles, thereby significantly increasing its global transportation efficiency. 

“Our Dram in a Can set a benchmark in sustainable packaging, offering consumers an affordable Irish Whiskey drinking experience while also offsetting our carbon emissions,” said Shane McCarthy, Co-founder.

“The product is already a bestseller in Europe. As the Two Stack brand continues to grow and expand, we’re thrilled that Australians can experience our products in an environmentally friendly way.”

Two Stacks has already sold over one million cans since the products arrived to market in 2021.

“Our distinctive method of collaboration with premier distilleries across Ireland empowers us to craft and present unprecedented expressions of whiskey while also meeting our goal of cutting our carbon footprint and innovating sustainable practices within the industry.”