What can a car say about your taste in whisky? Which would be your favourite? A Jim Beam Grand Cherokee or a Yamazaki Lexus? Bowmore have chosen theirs, and it’s the Aston Martin SUV, the DBX. 

Bowmore revealed a partnership with ‘Q by Aston Martin’ developing an extremely limited edition Bowmore Aston Martin DBX’s that will be built and delivered to just 18 customers at a private event in Scotland.

So what do you get? Your own paint colour for a start: Bowmore Blue. Though customers will have the option to choose a different colour if blue isn’t your thing. The wheels are ‘smoked’ and the interior a copper tan (again with options) with flashes of Bowmore Tweed, reflecting the company’s Islay ancestry and created by the Islay Woollen Mill. Expect polished copper cupholders and sill plaques, made of recycled copper from the original Bowmore still.

The gloss black centre console trim inlay features hand-laid, copper foil detailing. Each car comes with a selection of specially designed Q by Aston Martin accessories such as a Bowmore tweed picnic blanket and leather holdall.

Any whisky? All in good time as they say. The 18 Bowmore DBX owners are invited to the Aston Martin Art of Living experience in Scotland. Grab your passport, and your COVID vaccine card and fly to Edinburgh to collect your car, before embarking on a 270-kilometre road trip through the Scottish countryside, around Loch Lomond and through the Trossachs National Park before driving onto the ferry bound for Islay.

There you get to visit the Islay Woollen Mill and enjoy fine-dining throughout a three-night stay, including a private tour of the Bowmore Distillery. Ah, whisky time at last. During the tour, you will get to hand-fill your own bottle of a 39-year-old, specially selected Bowmore straight from the cask and be given exclusive access to the No 1 Vaults, the oldest maturation warehouse in the world.

The partnership between Aston Martin and Bowmore is not new. They created the ‘Black Bowmore DB5 in 1964. While that was technically a sportier car, the all-new DBX will launch you from 0-100km/h in just 4.1 seconds and hurtle along the highways with 405kw at your disposal topping out at 291km/h. At those speeds, your visit to Loch Lomond could be all the way to the bottom. The price for the ‘Q by Aston Martin’ special Bowmore edition? Expect it to be north of $360,000AUD, the current model price.