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Your Contemporary guide to Cider.
207 pages of refreshing cider!
24 of the biggest brands including 15 Aussie favourites to explore.

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While a dictionary definition will describe cider as ‘apple wine’, and technically that’s exactly what it is, you will find the ever-increasing range of ciders sat next to a swathe of craft beers now available at your local bottle shop. It just makes more sense; the increase in popularity of both drinks has mirrored one another and now every bar and hotel around the country has a cider offering either on tap or in the fridges close at hand. It’s no longer a conversation on should the bar offer a cider on tap – but just how many should be ranged. Bars are pouring large serve cider (often pints) on ice across the country; especially as the temperatures warm up.
Some parts of this book are more technical than others, but overall we hope you find some juicy bits (sorry) and take away some of the passion many in this youthful industry are displaying. An incredible array of talent has invaded the cider making space and we, the customers, are benefiting from their hard work. So crack-open your (current) favourite cider and settle in for the next two hundred pages of ciders from around the planet. We’re sure you’ll find something new and continue exploring.

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