Australian Central Coast distiller, Grown Spirits, has released it’s latest boutique gin brand – this time in partnership with the not-for-profit Reef Restoration Foundation. The environmentally focused Ocean Grown Gin has been created with the same ethos as previous products such as Garden Grown Gin, this time with a share of the profits going to coral reef restoration.

Will Miles, co-founder of Grown Spirits, spoke about the company’s commitment to sustainable practices.

“When we started Grown Spirits nearly a decade ago, we were very conscious of unnecessary waste and designed the bottle to have a life beyond just single use – our wider than usual neck is an encouragement to repurpose the bottle as a vase.

“In 2021, we took a step further by creating Sydney’s first Gin Refill Station as a way to help with bottle waste, and now this latest release attempts to be even more active in combating our ever-changing environment.

“This is a coastal gin that provokes memories of holidays by the sea, while serving as a reminder to protect the ocean and the powerful but delicate garden that grows beneath its surface.”

Grown Spirits partnered with Melbourne-based Spurrell Foraging to sustainably source the Coastal Rosemary, Coastal Saltbush, Sea Purslane and Sea Blight, which combined gives Ocean Grown Gin its ocean-spray-like, subtle saline flavour.

In the words of Will Miles Ocean Grown Gin has a “delicate saline character reminiscent of a gentle sea breeze from the Mediterranean showcasing notes of olive and savoury herbs. A bright and refreshing flavour profile unfolds on the palate with dry citrus tones and a warm hint of spice.”

Ocean Grown Gin retails for $96 and available to purchase on the website.

Serving: Perfect in a martini, or served with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic, over ice and garnished with rosemary and an orange slice – it’s absolute bliss as we’re getting into the warmer months.