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40% Alc. Vol.

Tasted: June 10, Ash Pini

Sierra Tequila’s premium line, Antiguo Anejo 100% Agave is aged for 26 months in the hot Jalisco climate generating a deep copper colour reminiscent of an aged rum. The nose offers up appealing aromas of dried fruits, split cedar and a touch of smoke. The palate opens slowly, again with dried fruits and a somewhat muted agave finish. The oak is prevalent and the overall palate is very approachable. I get peppercorns and vanilla on the finish with a pleasant sweetness that will be a crowd pleaser.

Tasted: June 1. 2023 Ashley Pini

Suggested serve, try this out.

Sierra Antiguo Fashioned

60ml Sierra Antiguo Anejo

5ml Agave syrup

1 Dash Bitters

Add the agave syrup and bitters into a mixing glass and stir, this helps infuse the bitters into the sweet agave syrup. Now add ice and the 60 ml of Sierra Antiguo Anejo and stir until well chilled. Strain into a rocks glass over a single large ice cube (reduces dilution). Express the oil of an orange into the glass and use to garnish. (Image below has incorrect ice and diluted too quickly).