Speyside distillery Benriach is shaping up for the future by launching a new range of single malt whiskies which pay tribute to its past.

Under former co-owner Billy Walker, the distillery built a formidable reputation for a diverse and eclectic range of whiskies, covering everything from classic fruity Speyside whiskies, to heavily peated malts, and an almost limitless supply of single casks covering a myriad of finishes and including triple distilled whisky.

Under the new ownership, the distillery now has the highly respected Dr Rachel Barrie at its helm.

“The new range perfectly marries tradition and innovation that is central to Benriach’s story,” she says. “Inspired by the 1994 bottling of the Original Ten, with its fruit-laden complexity and smooth, rounded taste, the new range re-imagines the 1898 origins of Benriach, brought to life in the 21st century through fusing distilling styles with extraordinary casks. 

“The Twelve balances richly sherried malt with added layers of fruit complexity, reaching a pinnacle at twelve years old. The new Smoky Ten and Smoky Twelve explore the sweet smokiness of Benriach, enriched through innovative combinations of rum, virgin oak and marsala casks interwoven with more traditional bourbon and sherry. 

“The new Benriach range is for those open to new possibilities, building on a wealth of experience and tradition. I invite the drinker to join me on this creative journey, as we explore the rich rewards of Single Malt whisky.” 

“In addition to Benriach The Original Ten, the core range will feature a new recipe for Benriach’s richly sherried twelve year old whisky, SmokyTen and Smoky Twelve Year Old expressions. A premium selection of Twenty One, Twenty Five and Thirty Year Old Single Malts.

“As one of just two distilleries in Speyside still to practice traditional floor malting on site, a new small batch and limited edition ‘Malting Season’ expression will celebrate this time-honoured practice. Benriach’s seasonal peated spirit production will also be captured in a new ‘Smoke Season’ bottling, which explores the full intensity of Benriach’s fruit-forward smoky spirit, amplified through bespoke cask selection. 

“Benriach will also continue its legacy of capturing unique moments in time through its Cask Edition Programme, and will continue to offer a travel retail collection featuring the Triple Distilled aged 10 years, as well as Quarter Cask and Smoky Quarter Cask expressions.” 

Over 120 years since it was established, Benriach is also expected to unveil its first official visitor centre to the public later this year, allowing visitors from around the world to explore this Speyside whisky gem.