International spirits writer and magazine editor, Dominic Roskrow, has launched a new magazine for the whisky-loving public and it’s worth a read.  Edition #2 of Stills Crazy was released last year and is a significant publication dedicated to the work of the late Dr Jim Swan: aptly titled “The Wizard of Whisky”.

Roskrow has been a regular contributor to Explore WHISKY magazine and boasts an encyclopedic knowledge built from years of research for his various contributions to The London Times, The Observer, National Geographic, and as editor of Whisky Magazine. 

A link to Stills Crazy is here. Enjoy!

Addition to our story we sadly acknowledge the passing of Dom Roskrow.


Born in Lancashire in 1961, Dominic studied Politics and Economics at Durham University before embarking on a journalism career. As an inspirational editor, he took the helm of Whisky Magazine from 2004 to 2006 and contributed to various titles such as Whisky Opus and Michael Jackson’s Malt Whisky Companion. In 2007, Dominic was honored as a Keeper of the Quaich, a well-deserved recognition that brought a smile to his face. Throughout his career, Dominic’s influence, integrity, and exceptional palate spanned the whisky globe. He also contributed to Drinks International, Malt Whisky Advocate, authored 15 books, and launched his own whisky magazine, Stills Crazy, in e-format just two years ago. Dominic had a particular passion for Australian whisky and frequently visited Tasmania, often as a guest of local distilleries to assess the quality of their offerings. He was a fantastic advocate for new world whiskies and always eager to support small scale distilling ventures. Dominic even launched the Wizards of Whisky Awards, aimed at shining a spotlight on whiskies from around the world.

Dom Roskrow being honoured as a Keeper of the Quaich in 2007

I met Dominic during a press tour of Portland, Oregon, and was captivated by his sharp wit and his ability to identify and communicate whisky characteristics in a way that simply made sense.

Writer Dr. Nicholas Morgan, formerly of Diageo, remarked, “He had a strong sense of right and wrong and was never scared to call it ‘wrong’ when he saw it, regardless of the consequences. His pioneering work in promoting whiskies from around the world before it became fashionable should never be forgotten by those many distillers and retailers who have benefited from his enthusiasms.”Explore WHISKY is one of the many beneficiaries of Dominic’s influence. He was a highly respected and cherished member of our team, and his absence is deeply felt. We send our thoughts and best wishes to his wife Sally and their three children

to his wife Sally and their three children.