Stone & Wood Northern Rivers Beer

Last week, Stone & Wood launched its all new Northern Rivers Beer (NRB), a lager that embodies the Northern Rivers region it calls home. 

NRB also stands as the most sustainable beer Stone & Wood has brewed to date. Included in this is its use of 100% Certified Sustainable hops and 70% Certified Sustainable malts, sourced through partnerships with NSW companies Ryefield Hops and Voyager Malt. 

The NRB lager is canned at 4% abv and made in a crisp, bright and easy-natured style. It can be found nationwide now at a price of $55 per case of 24.

More details can be found here

Hinterland Hazy added to core range

Originally a part of the limited release All Australian Hops series, Stone & Wood recently gave in to public demand and has added the Hinterland Hazy to its year-round core range. 

The Hazy Pale Ale uses a mix of Australian-grown Vic Secret, Eclipse, and Galaxy hops to create a juicy and vibrant beer full of tropical fruit flavours backed by low bitterness and a 5.2% abv. 

The Hinterland Hazy was added to Stone & Wood’s core range on March 5 and is now available online and in store nationwide across all the major Australian retailers. 

10-packs of Original Pacific Ale are available now

Stone & Wood have introduced a 10-pack option for its flagship beer, the Original Pacific Ale. The 10-pack option provides better value than the existing 4/6 packs while falling in a cheaper price packet to its cases of 16. 

The new packaging option retails at $45 per 10 375ml cans.

A nod to Stone & Wood’s ongoing charity initiative 

Since 2018, Stone & Wood has donated $1 to the Ingrained Foundation for every 100 litres of beer it has sold. The initiative has thus far provided more than $2.1 million to the local grassroots, environmental and social charities supported by the foundation and reflects a simple but effective way through which a big brand can make a notable difference.