Yesterday, Young Henrys launched three beers as part of its all new Classic range,  a Dan Murphy’s and BWS exclusive. The three offerings include the Classic Crisp Mid Strength Low Carb Lager, the Classic Premium Lager, and the Classic XPA. 

“We have always believed that for us to be a great drinks company, we need to reflect and deliver to the changing tastes of our people,” said Oscar McMahon, Young Henrys’ Co-Founder. 

“We know that people are continually seeking value and innovation and this is a way we could meet that brief without compromising on what we are known for; quality products and superb craftsmanship. 

“The Classic range is the next evolution of that mindset. We are so excited to present these three amazing products to our existing mates and new mates alike as we continue to proudly Serve The People of Australia.”

First in the range, the Classic Crisp, is a mid-strength reduced carb lager that doesn’t sacrifice on flavour. It is canned at 3.5% abv and features 90 calories per serve. Expect an accessible and approachable beer with some gentle spice aromas and a pleasant bitterness. The Classic Crisp retails for $20 per 6-pack and at $62 for a case. 

Next in the lineup is the Classic Premium lager, a 4.2% brew made with craft malts and a pairing of local hops and innovative modern hop variations. Expect a clean, creamy malt flavour, a delicate body and a light bitterness that leaves a lingering flavour on the palate. A 6-pack of Classic Premium costs $23 and a case costs $67.

The final beer in Young Henrys Classic range is the Classic XPA, a well balanced extra pale ale that stands as the ultimate session beer for craft beer fans. The Classic XPA sells at $20 per 4-pack and at $60 per case. 

“The Classic Crisp, Classic Premium, and Classic XPA are all brewed from the highest quality Australian ingredients, and come to you at a very reasonable price without sacrificing flavour and integrity,” said Young Henrys Head Brewer Jesse Searls.

“There is something for everyone in this range, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.”