Cascade have once again released to market a version of its fresh hop limited edition First Harvest beer in 2024. 

The 2024 release, which coincides with the brewery’s 200th birthday, will also see it distribute the beer to Australia’s mainland for the first time in over a decade, with Victoria set to receive a portion of the stock. 

As the name indicates, the Cascade First Harvest is brewed using hops fresh off the vine. This of course differs from most beer production that is made using dried hop pellets, a factor that is necessary to support a year-round brewing calendar. Like with grapevines, hops are only harvested once a year, meaning Cascade only have one opportunity to create First Harvest annually.

“This year’s Cascade First Harvest is a well-balanced fresh hop Pale Ale, with a tropical passionfruit and melon aroma and red fruit undertones, complemented by biscuity malt character and a crisp finish,” said Brendan Flanagan, Head Brewer at Cascade.

“Fresh hop beers have a distinctive, earthy flavour, which beer drinkers have grown to love as they experiment with new tastes and smells.

“It’s as much an adventure for us in the brewery, as the hop aromatics develop over time.”

First Harvest is made using fresh Enigma hops grown by Hop Products Australia. 

“First Harvest is a true celebration of Tasmanian beer and Tasmanian agriculture,” said Owen Johnston, Head of Sales & Marketing.

“At no other time of the year can you enjoy a beer that is perfectly seasoned with hops that were harvested mere hours before they arrived at the brewery. It’s an opportunity not to be missed!”.

400 kegs of Cascade First Harvest have been brewed for 2024, which will be available while stocks last at these venues:


  • New Sydney Hotel
  • Cascade Hotel
  • The Whalers Return
  • The Salty Dog
  • Motor Yacht Club Of Tasmania
  • Jack Greene
  • The Richmond Arms Hotel
  • Customs House Hotel
  • Irish Murphys
  • Franklin Wharf
  • Republic Bar And Cafe
  • Cargo Bar Pizza Lounge
  • St Albi
  • The Brick Factory
  • Cascade Brewery Bar


  • Pure South
  • Royal Saxon
  • Hotel Lincoln
  • Leadbeater Hotel
  • Great Northern Hotel
  • The Empress Hotel
  • Cookie